Start Growing Leads with Video Marketing

Incorporate video into your marketing plan and reach your customers with compelling and emotional content that packs a visual punch. Video marketing is a ticket to better leads and more sales!

Why your Business Needs a Video?

Video marketing is the most lead-generating segment of online advertising. Adding videos to sites and social media profile not only boost user’s engagement but also build trust and drive conversions.


Rank higher in search


Increase the understanding of your product


The video is Driving Force which can engage even the Laziest Buyers


Increase conversions


Get more purchases


Video Appeals to Mobile-Users which are 90% of your Targeted Audience

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How We Drive Results through Video Marketing?

Setting a Video Strategy

We analyze your business and know your audience to aptly decide the content they would be interested in watching.

This makes sure that every video we produce is backed up not only with compelling content but also with solid reasoning. While preparing a video, our main focus is to turn viewers into your loyal customers. Our team strives to capture the essence of your product, brand, and goals. We pay meticulous attention to your brand voice and audience you want to target before preparing a video.

Script Development

We have a team of creative writers who can create crispy and compelling content for videos. Our writers create impactful stories to make a long-lasting impression of your brand on the viewer’s mind.

We strive to develop a script that makes customers see themselves as a part of the story as well as your brand.  We are known for providing videos that can turn your YouTube channel into converting and powerful sales tool. We aim to create content that inspires and educate the viewers, along with evoking them to purchase your product.

Story Boarding

First of all, we try to find the sweet spot where your brand proposition and viewer’s passion meet. What must the video contain which can compel the people to watch it? What should be the story which can turn viewers into your loyal customers? The video needs to be emotional, inspirational as well as entertaining if you want to engage a maximum number of users. Our team works day-in and day-out to create a video that delivers a message, along with representing your brand.   

Motion Graphics & Animation

Creatiya is a full-service video production company that utilizes advanced technology to take your video to the next level.

Along with unmatched video production services, we also offer explainer videos and animation to present complex ideas in an easy to understand way. We create innovative animations that explain your brand message in a simple and engaging manner. Our team boasts a suite of advanced tools that enable them to create unique graphics and animation.

Live Production & Editing

We have a dedicated team of graphic designers, videographers, and editors, which constitutes experienced and skilled professionals. Our production team goes beyond creativity and work keeping in mind the audience insight to create videos that engage people and compel them to take action. The location of videos depends upon the content and we also utilize visual effects to make you come up with something that is a way different from your competitors.

Post Production

Our post-production team augments the final video with color adjustments, motion graphics and captions to make it look more polished and professional. We stick to the directions and requirements mentioned by our clients and thus get a final video that explains your brand in a way you want. We also create an effective distribution strategy for promoting your videos across different marketing channels. We employ best SEO practices and social media promotion to make your video reach the maximum number of people.

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